Mario yoshi

mario riding future yoshi

Yoshi's ice bar

yoshi lost in iced world.

yoshi lost in iced world!Edit

In this game yoshi, Nim-nom., and Mario are the only playable charecters and iced world is the only location.

the final boss is ICED BOWSER and the first boss was Dry bones king, so yoshi battles well known villains.

Princess toadstool (A.K.A. peach.)Edit

Princess Peach

princess peach worried about yoshi.

princess toadstool (A.K.A. PEACH.)

is a friend of yoshi.

in yoshi wars Wii peach was worried yoshi was gonna be defeated by dark BoBo.

mario and peach are not playable in "yoshi lost in iced world!" but

they do make a cameo!

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