This is the final Mario Party game in the Mario Party series


You play in a huge carnival and play different games in each tent.


  1. Nim-nom
  2. Mario
  3. Luigi
  4. Waluigi (Unlockable)
  5. Bowser (Unlockable)
  6. Birdo (Unlockable)
  7. Yoshi (Unlockable)
  8. Daisy (Unlockable)
  9. Goombob (Unlockable)
  10. Wario (Unlockable)


  1. Tent A (Ring Toss)
  2. Tent B (Knock Down The Cardboard Goombas)
  3. Tent C (Super Ring Toss)
  4. Tent D (Duck Pond)
  5. Waluigi Course (Play 1 level from the original Super Mario Bros. to unlock Waluigi.)
  6. Tent E (Shoot The Cardboard Parakoopas)
  7. Wario Course (Play 1 boss level from Super Mario Bros. 3 to unlock Wario.)
  8. Tent F (Play 1 boss level from Nim-Nom Land II to unlock Bowser.)
  9. Ultra Tent (Play 3 boss levels from Nim-Nom Land: 3 Games to unlock every other unlockable character)
  10. Tent G (Play the final boss level from Nim-Nom Magik: The Great Insult to win the whole game.)
  11. Tent XD (Hidden Tent: Play 1 more round of Super Ring Toss.)

Super Duper Mario PartyEdit

This is one unlockable carnival other then the previous tents, it can only be unlocked by playing Waluigi Course as Waluigi after right after unlocking Waluigi.

  1. Tent Red (Beta Ring Toss: Toss the rings at super fast moving platforms with only limited time.)
  2. Tent Blue (Albino Duck Pond: Cast your pole and try catching albino fish, while ducks come by, if you cast your pole and hit a duck, you immediatally lose.)
  3. Tent Green (Play Albino Duck Pond, Beta Ring Toss, and a boss level from Wario Land.)

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