This is the sequel to Super Mario 64.


Dugga Tugga IslandEdit

  • Level 1: Digger the Porcupine at the Tip Top.
  • Level 2: Digger's Bloodthirsty Revenge.
  • Level 3: Collect Digger's 6 White Stars.

Goldfish Duel GroundsEdit

This world, you battle the giant goldfish to unlock Mario.

Dirt GroundsEdit

  • Level 1: Muddy's Slaughter House.
  • Level 2: Climb to the Slaughter House's Tip-Top.
  • Level 3: Dirt Ground Escape (Collect The 6 White Power-Stars.)
  • Level 4: Little Elephant Lost.

Unicorn Fight E'm!Edit

Battle the giant unicorn to unlock Nim-Nom.

Tik TokEdit

  • Level 1: Mario's Super Long Jump!
  • Level 2: Gigantic Baddies! (Fight the Ogre to unlock Luigi.)
  • Level 3: Wiggles vs. Luigi!
  • Level 4: Fight Wiggles Again! (Fight Wiggles to unlock Binkie.)
  • Level 5: Binkie's Revenge (Fight Wiggles as Binkie to earn a red power-star, witch gives you 2 power-stars at the cost of winning 1 level.)

Wario's Hidden Challenges!Edit

  • Level 1: Wario's Noble Sacrifice (Fight a giant goomba to unlock Wario.)
  • Level 2: Waluigi's Turn! (Fight the giant koopa to unlock Waluigi.)
  • Level 3: Fools Gold!
  • Level 4: The Work Shop!

The Underground BattlesEdit

  • Level 1: Flowser's Boss Battle! (Fight Flowser to unlock the next world.)
  • Level 2: Flowser's Hidden Star! (Fight Flowser to go deeper into the cave to find the hidden star.)

Bowser In Imagination Man's Maze!Edit

  • Level 1: The Counting Hour! (Mario counts his stars and needs to get the gint red one from Bowser, so, by beating Bowser in Peach's bed room, you get a hidden star.)
  • Level 2: Battle Bowser! (Fight Bowser in the maze of doom to win the game and rescue Princess Peach!)

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