Nim-nom and [Hamstee] were at Kool-aid World, then, a Chuckya ate them, they fell into her stomach, and found out Sonic was kidnapped by Doctor Robotnik, and they were in a ROBOT CHUCKYA! The two kiddos traveled through the stomach, and got out of the chuckya's nose when it sneezed, they traveled to Demon-Land in order to save Sonic!


  1. The Chuckyas Stomach BOSS:Amobea Al.
  2. Croco Stadium BOSS:Croco SUB-BOSS:Shadow The Hedgehog.
  3. Ray's Tree-Fort BOSS:Ray the Flying Squirrel.
  4. Big the Cat's Hut BOSS:King Boo.
  5. G.U.N. HQ BOSS:The G.U.N. Commander.
  6. Luigi's Mansion BOSS:Ghouluigi
  7. Wim-wom's Grave Yard. BOSS:Wim-wom SUB-BOSS:Nack the Weasel.
  8. Demon-Land. BOSS:Wario and Waluigi SUB-BOSS:Doctor Robotnik.

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