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Nim-nom Land II is a home console game to the sequel of Nim-nom Land. It was made by Beagle games.

It is also known as Nim-nom Land 2, ticked off ticket booth.


While Mario and Luigi went on vacation, Nim-nom was left homealone so he went to his room to read on of his popout book. After looking at a few page, Nim-nom got tried and all asleep. While sleeping, the popout book came to life and suck Nim-nom into the book. Nim-nom woke up to find himself in a Peaceful Meadow, when a girl on a unicorn approach him and introduce herself as Mistia. Mistia tell Nim-nom that she use her powers to him bring to the Popout Dimension. In Order to defeat the Count Blackout who has kidnapped her parents and stole the Kingdom greatest treasure, the Orb of Wishes. Nim-nom who was afraid refuse to do it. So Mistia pull something out of her pocket it was a medal. Mistia put it around Nim-nom's neck telling him that it will give the power he needed for this quest. Nim-nom agree to help and Mistia give him her unicorn Soley to commonly him. Before disappear, Mistia tell Nim-nom he must travel to six lands of the Dimension and recover the six missing pages in order to get to Count Blackout's lair. She then disappear and Nim-nom riding on Soley set out to his new big adventure!


The Player can control Nim-nom by kicking, running, or jumping. Nim-nom can use his Scream to immoralized enemy.

Riding on Soley, the Player can control her with her horn attack and high jumps.

Power UpsEdit

After getting at least an Orb in each World, Nim-nom will use new special ability. There are total of 6.

Name Ability
Invisible Orb Turn Nim-nom invisible to sneak away from the ememies.
Tear Orb Make Nim-nom cry nonstop
Spider Orb Turn Nim-nom onto a Spider to spit web at ememys and reach high area
Dash Orb Make Nim-nom run in superspeed
Flame Orb Make Nim-nom throw balls of flames
Gorgon Orb Turn Nim-nom's hair into snakes, and make him shoots lasors that turn enemy's into statues.


  • Nim-nom (playable)
  • Mistia (support)
  • Soley (playable)
  • Count Blackout (antagonist)


  • Kabloom
  • Miralessa
  • Candy Dandy Pop
  • Snowmummy
  • Dry-Nim-nom
  • Cugaboom
  • Digga the Sandmole
  • Count Blackout


  • Land 1- Buga Buga Ruins

    Buga Buga Ruins

  • Land 2- Mirage Temple
  • Land 3- Sweet Goodness City
  • Land 4- Freezely Snow Falls
  • Land 5- Dry, Dry Mountain
  • Land 6- Twisty Turnly Cliffs
  • Land 7- Douga Tuga Island
  • Land 8- Count Blackout's Darkness lair

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