This is a side-scrolling game starring Nim-nom in a space ship, he is trying to stop king Warhar from conquering our world


  1. West Point - In here, you have just entered Warhars ship.
  2. Sick Laugh's Lab - This is a high-tech laboratory, the primary enemies are Penguins and Nukers.
  3. Shower - This is a giant bath-tub, were the primary enemies are ZLRays.
  4. Torture Room - This room is an advanced library, and the primary enemies are Smackers, wich electricute you.
  5. Super Hot - This room is a giant dessert, the primary enemies are ZLRays, Penguins, and WarWars.
  6. Swimming Pool - This is a gigantic aquariam Nim-nom must swim through, the primary enemies are Snapping Turtles, Nukers, and Crabs.
  7. Penguin Frolicks - This room is a huge forest, this rooms primary enemies are mostly Penguins, Nukers, and Snapping Turtles.
  8. Nighty Nightmare - This is Warhar's personal bedroom, the primary enemies are Hedgehogs, Nukers, Turtles, ZLRays, and Gorgons.
  9. The Nightmare's Alive! - This is Warhar's man-made dungeon, were you battle security guards until you meet Warhar, the boss.
  10. Bonus Level - In this level, Nim-nom must escape the ship before it self-destructs, the level includes bombs, wich are hazordous towards Nim-nom.


  1. Sick Laugh - You fight him in level 2
  2. Big Daddy Cactus - You fight him in level 5
  3. Giant Skunko - He is a gigantic skunk you fight in level 7
  4. Warhar - The evil alien emperor you must fight in level 9

Nim-nom's reactionsEdit

Name: Source: Powers:
Puffy Nim-Nom

if Nim-Nom gets hit with a ZLRay he puffs up


Detecting Danger.

Electric Nim-Nom if Nim-Nom gets electricuted he turns into a giant light-bulb.



Ghost Nim-Nom if Nim-Nom gets zapped twice by a ZLRay he becomes a ghost.



Cosmic Nim-Nom if Nim-Nom gets zapped by a Nuker he gets cosmic powers.



Zombie Nim-Nom if, as Ghost Nim-Nom, Nim-Nom gets zapped by a ZLRay he becomes undead.


Crazy Nim-Nom if, as Puffy Nim-Nom, Nim-Nom gets electricuted, he turns into raw energy.


Super Speed.


Psychotic Nim-Nom when a penguin bites Nim-Nom, Nim-Nom goes crazy, in the japanese version, he is called Drunk Nim-Nom.

Super Speed.


Curling up into a ball and rolling around super-fast.