This is the sequel to Nim-nom Galaxy.


Nim-Nom is on a safari in the Koopa-Koopa Plains, but he gets sucked into our world! And while he's gone Fawful takes over the Mushroom Kingdom!


  1. Koopa-Koopa Plains - In here, you must fight off a swarm of living cupcakes!
  2. Vanilla Dome - You come face-to-face with living food!
  3. New York City - In our world, you must fight off street-punks, criminals, and junkyard dogs!
  4. Heck-Rise Avenue - You find yourself in an old ware-house, and you realise, your not alone!
  5. Heaven - You must save all hope from Satan, in order to get back to the Mushroom World!
  6. The Underworld - You must fight a swarm of ghouls and unholy demons!
  7. Peach's Castle - Back in the Mushroom World you must fight an evil koopa infestation!
  8. Goomba Gulch - Now you must fight off a swarm of paragoombas!
  9. Lava World - Now you must fight all of Fawful's evil followers!


  1. TwiggyLump - The evil grass monster you fight in Level 1
  2. Fawful (1st time) - The man antagonist, you fight him in level 2 were he sends you to Heaven.
  3. Satan - You battle him in heaven.
  4. The Undertaker - Satan's evil assistant you battle in level 4.
  5. Johny McPatch - The street punk you duel in level 5
  6. Shadow Queen - You battle her in level 6 when you find the blackhole that leads you to Mushroom Kingdom.
  7. GoomGod - The giant goomba you battle in level 7.
  8. Fawful (2nd time) - You finally defeat him in level 8.
  9. BooBoo - Fawful's pet Boo who tries attacking you in level 9.

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