This video game is based off the comic book Nim-Nom's Happy Li'l Neighborhood. It will be downloadable for Playstation Network and Xbox Arcade, the demo included Wario-Man as a playable character.


World 1Edit

  1. Level 1 - Boss: HutHut The Vampiric Golem
  2. Level 2 - Boss: Wim-Wom
  3. Level 3 - Boss: Madame Heart

World 2Edit

  1. Level 1 - Boss: HutHut The Vampiric Zombified Golem

World 3Edit

  1. Level 1 - Boss: Dynamighty
  2. Level 2 - Boss(es): Dynamighty's Demon Followers

World 4Edit

  1. Level 1 - Boss: Wario
  2. Level 2 - Boss: Waluigi
  3. Level 3 - Boss(es): Koopalings

Final BossEdit

  1. Final Level - Boss: Bowser
  2. Bonus Round - Boss: Evil Nim-Nom

Playable CharactersEdit

  • Nim-Nom - Shoots lasors.
  • BoBo - Shoots spitballs.
  • Soley - Shoots flaming arrows.
  • Fire Mario - Shoots fireballs.
  • Ice Luigi - Shoots snowballs.
  • Evil Nim-Nom - Shoots bullets. (Can not be played as in the bonus round.)


  1. "Nim-Nom's Darkest Hour" - You fight off the blue winged koopa-shells and the parakoopas that are pelted at you.
  2. "Nim-Nom & The Infinite Evilness" - You fight off the evil Nim-Nom clones as they come towards you.
  3. "Nim-Nom Takes On The Galaxy" - You fight off the bombs and dynamite as they get thrown at you.

Cheat CodesEdit

These are the codes that, when entered into the titlescreen, has effects, here are the codes and effects.

  1. Up, Down, X, B, B - Start every level with the Para-flower.
  2. Down, Down, A - Unlock the exclusive minigame "Nim-Nom Takes on The Lord of Broken Promises."
  3. B, B, Y, X, Up - Play as Evil Nim-Nom in the Bonus Level.
  4. Y, Up, Y - Use the Past Ball to skip to any level.
  5. Down, Up, Y, X, B, Y - Turn all the bosses into giant Goombas.
  6. Up, Down, Y, X - Use Nim-Nom's 'Fatal Fade' attack in every level at any time.
  7. B, A, B, Y - Use the 'Goo-Goo Gas' to turn enemies and bosses into babies.
  8. X, A, Y, B, B, Up - Use the Fatal Fade attack as any character at any time.


Every character that you play as when you finish the last level has a special ending.


  1. Para-flower.
  2. Omega Dimes
  3. Fatal Fade
  4. Anger
  5. Frustration
  6. War Orb
  7. Tear Orb

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