Mario and Luigi: Wario's Magic Wand is a game.


Wario enters Nim-nom Land, then nim-nom tells him "Yellow Man, YOU BANNED!" wario asks why. Nim-nom says "Cuz you wob nim-nom wand wast month!" Wario leaves and returns then growls. He finds a magic wand, he says "Now i can reshape mushroom kingdom in my image!" And turns mushroom kingdom into a world took over by him. Mario, Luigi, and Nim-nom try to stop him.


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  1. Fawful's Pet Dog.
  2. Dry Bowser.
  3. Pup Pup.
  4. Digga the Sand-Mole.
  5. Count KerBloom.
  6. Shy Hamster.
  7. Dry Wario
  8. Dry Birdo
  9. Dark BoBo
  10. Wario-Bot
  11. Wario's Security Goomba
  12. Wario