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Wario and Waluigi: Bowser's WILD SIDE STORY!Wario and Waluigi: Partners in CRIMEWario and waluigi: superstar SODA!
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File:Koopa minions.jpgFile:KrushaGBA.jpgFile:LUIGI.gif
File:Lizardos nim-nom factor..jpgFile:Look into my eye.....jpgFile:Luigi.jpg
File:MIL.pngFile:ML.pngFile:Mario, luigi.jpg
File:Mario in waluigi-return to cyper world.jpgFile:Mario with power-ups..jpgFile:Mario yoshi.jpg
File:Me me me....jpgFile:Meatballflower-THE NOM.jpgFile:Merc with a mouth..jpg
File:MushroomM&W.pngFile:NOWSER.jpgFile:New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough Part 25
File:New Super Mario Bros Walkthrough World 8 Final CastleFile:Nim-nom.jpgFile:Nim-nom land 64.jpg
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File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Poofinlog.jpgFile:Poofinlog goomba form.jpg
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File:Ride.jpgFile:Rosalina real life.jpgFile:SHUMA1.gif
File:SUPER MARIO GALAXY™ 2.jpgFile:Sfc00065 2.pngFile:Slobberbuggiehat.jpg
File:Spin.jpgFile:Stars.jpgFile:Super Mario 64 DS Walkthrough -Bowser in the Dark World Secret Stars Part 2- Part 14
File:Super Mario 64 DS Walkthrough -Unlocking Wario Secret Stars Part 6- Part 26File:Super Mario Bros. 3 T-shirt.jpgFile:THENW.jpg
File:The final level.jpgFile:The legendary "mario".jpgFile:Thunder Dolphin Roller Coaster.jpg
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