.Not to be confused with Bobo, a bird from the Wario Land series.



BoBo is a hound from the Yoshi series, and also from the Nim-nom Land series, who can talk.

Appearences (In Order):Edit

  1. Yoshi wars Wii
  2. Super Nim-nom Land
  3. Super Mario 608:Lizardos in Time
  4. BoBo Kennel Ecscape Z
  5. Mario BLAM! racing!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Super Smash Bros: Smash Arena.
  7. Wario Ware:Microgame Parade!
  8. Splash Summer

Alternate FormsEdit

Dark BoBoEdit

"Dark BoBo" is an evil version of BoBo, possesed by a Magic Pizza.

Younger SelfEdit

see:Baby BoBo

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